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In today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for a great fit to add to their team. They take a look at many different aspects of each potential employee… not just their resume. They want to make sure that you’ll not only have the right skills, but that you’ll have the right personality and attitude to be a valuable addition to the workplace.

PC Works offers the following workshops to assist in finding the right employment for you:

Career Quest Series

Monthly we will be hosting different business owners and professionals that are experts in their fields, to share with you valuable insight about careers, HR practices and specific skills required to be successful in gaining employment in their area.

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Winning Interview Skills Workshop

Join us for this fun and interactive workshop that covers the essential points for a successful interview. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the three stages of the interview, employer expectations, Do’s and Don’ts and review the tough interview questions that employers frequently ask.

We will explore the different types of interviewing styles, identity the purpose of the interview from the employer’s perspective and we will discuss winning techniques to land that job!

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Personality Dimensions Workshop

This enjoyable and interactive workshop will provide you with the opportunity to explore your own personality dimensions.

Once you know what character type you are, you’ll discover how personality relates to careers and you can then begin to identify better ways to interact with other personality types in the workplace. Using four colours (gold, blue, green, and orange) to categorize personalities, this fun workshop will help you understand yourself and the people around you!

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Networking Workshop

Do you struggle with selling yourself? Are you uncomfortable introducing yourself to strangers? If you answered yes to either of these questions, join us at our next Networking Workshop!

In this informative workshop, you will learn the tools of effective communication so you can better tap into the hidden job market - through speaking with others. 

 “It is about who you know.” Learn when, why, where and how to network. We’ll teach you effective strategies such as elevator speech, informational interviews and networking cards. This workshop explains the difference between in-person networking and online networking.  

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Facebook Clean Up Workshop

Presenting a great first impression is key to landing that perfect job! 

Many potential employers will seek you out online via your social media pages, particularly your personal Facebook page. If an employer visited your Facebook page, what would your posts and pictures say about you? 

In this informative workshop you will be introduced to the importance of privacy settings and how to set them accordingly. You will learn how to use Facebook for researching potential employers and businesses. We will also review the tricks of when privacy settings don’t work and the value of the view as tool. 

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Twitter 101 Workshop

What is Twitter anyway? If you are new to Twitter and have been wondering what all the buzz is about, then we have the workshop for you! 

Join us in discovering all the fun and creative ways to explore Twitter. You will learn how to create a twitter account and explore all the functions and benefits of using Twitter for your job search. Not only will you have a better understanding of the # and @ symbols you will also learn how to post your first tweet and program your privacy settings.

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LinkedIn Workshop

Are you looking to expand your professional networking to Social media? With more than 8 million people in Canada are using LinkedIn to communicate on a professional level, what are you waiting for? 

Join us for an interactive workshop that will introduce you to LinkedIn, help you register your account and get you started on your professional profile. We will also identify how to connect with potential employers, post in discussions, join groups and search for jobs. 

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Personal Branding Workshop

In this workshop we will take a look at why personal branding is so important. We will explore why marketing your strengths and skill set is important to your job search. Upon completion you will have a solid strategy to start your own personal marketing campaign to help you succeed in today’s labour market. 

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Transferable Skills Workshop

Do you know your skill set? Do you know where those skills can be used? Join us for this fun and interactive workshop in discovering your skills, exploring options for your current skill set and identifying areas you may want to develop. We will also look at creative ways to market your skills to potential employers. 

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Get that job – Keep that job!

Job searching can be overwhelming! Join us for this informative workshop that discovers the Top 10 Fears of Job Seekers and discover how to get past them.  

We will review the most practical, appropriate, and effective ways to apply for that job both in person and by email. In our interactive game of 50+ cards, we discuss some behaviours that employees may choose to use in the workplace.  Then we see how those behaviours are viewed by other employees, by the supervisors / employers and how the workplace in general is affected.  

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PC Works would love to see you at any one of our next workshops. Please  RSVP and we’ll contact you to book your spot at the workshops of your choice!

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