What potential employers may see!

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Presenting a great first impression is key to landing that perfect job!

Time Management

"I don't need to write that down"

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Time management is a skill that you can train yourself to have. There are tons of tricks that you can use to make sure that you get everything done and you never miss an appointment or deadline. 


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Networking, it works!
There have been many studies done to show the effectiveness of networking in your job search. The studies all show about 80% of jobs are found through networking. That’s 8 out of 10 jobs! So what is networking?

Résumé Writing Tips

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Always remember that a résumé is a marketing tool to be used with the purpose of generating enough interest in your qualifications to encourage an employer to interview you.  Someone reading your résumé is looking for some key elements;

To Attend or Not to Attend?

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To Attend or Not to Attend.....

As a Counsellor I always recommend attending workshops to my clients (note: you do not have to be a registered client to attend workshops) and I hear an array of answers from “Absolutely” to “No, I don’t think it will help me”.

Here are some great reasons why workshops are worth the effort; whether you are currently working or job searching.

1-2-3 Take the Work Out of Hiring!

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Hiring? A challenging task to say the least! You check your e-mail Monday morning to find 78 new e-mails of hopeful candidates applying for the new job you posted on Friday. Maybe you’re right; perhaps it was closer to 150 e-mails! Either way, how can you possibly get through all of those resumes to identify the right candidates to interview?

  • Now available contract position as Park Attendant (Summer Students) in various Locations throughout the Niagara Region... Read More
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  • Now available permanent position as Servers in Crystal Beach, Ontario... Read More

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